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We've only just begun...

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

So, we are a week into our campaign to raise awareness of our Faroe Islands War Memorial Project and we are delighted to see that our website has received so many visits from interested parties. We also see that people are enjoying our FaceBook pages, especially getting involved with the Community page - we look forward to hearing your family stories about the Faroes during the period of WWII.

Today, we have been invited to an interview with Petur Heinesen of Radio FO and he will be asking us lots of questions on the behalf of his listeners. We're not sure, yet, when the interview will be broadcast but we will put a notice up on our Facebook page as soon as we do. In particular, we want to talk about our submissions process to design a work of art that will be suitable for placing in the National Memorial Arboretum in Britain, and how artists can take part in that. We are very excited to see what people come up with.

Tonight Vanessa and Zach will be attending part of the Nordic Music Days Festival - "Operation Valentine" by Jens L Thomsen is going to be performed at Perlan at 9.00pm. This 30 minute audio visual presentation evokes an idea of how it felt to be Faroese during the second World War, during the British occupation.

Keep an eye out for more posts and press coverage in the next few weeks!

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