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The Faroe Islands War Memorial Project is now inviting the submission of designs for a three dimensional artwork which will commemorate the contribution of the Faroese people during WWII. The finished piece will be commissioned by the committee and placed in the National Memorial Arboretum in the UK for perpetuity, thereby ensuring that Winston Churchill's alleged promise that the people of Britain would never forget the support of and sacrifice made by the Faroese during that conflict is kept.

We are seeking a creative representation of the relationship between the Faroese and the British during this period, so we suggest that you should begin researching the history of the events by visiting the War Museum at Sørvágur (opposite the Airport) and asking older relatives and friends for their stories.

For full details regarding criteria (such as size and materials) candidates are asked to go to the Submissions page on or to contact us directly on with any queries.

Our timeline: Submissions must be in by February 14th 2022 (since the Occupation was dubbed Operation Valentine). Our committee will select a shortlist of designs which will be put to a public vote and the selected design will be announced in conjunction with the National Flag Day 2022 and related celebrations taking place through the Faroese Embassy in London.

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