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We're looking for any and all support - financial donations or practical help. We require approximately £80,000 to ensure the project goes ahead. This is an opportunity for the Faroese families to commemorate lost loved ones and for the British people to show their thanks to a country that helped keep them sustained during the war and welcomed our soldiers warmly in a time of great difficulty. 

We understand that this is a financially difficult time for all, but we would be grateful for any support to ensure that this monument stands with all the others which are honoured with a place in the National Memorial Arboretum. 




Because we are using the British JustGiving platform for our fundraising, donations appear in £ sterling. £10 is between about 85 and 90 krona. 


Please be aware that the figures suggested are only examples and explore all options before choosing how much you want to give. Donations directly to JustGiving are voluntary, simply select the drop down where it shows 15% and change it to 'other' and leave the monetary field blank.

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