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Before submitting your memorial design we suggest you spend some time looking at photographs and videos of the National Memorial Arboretum in the UK to see the enormous range of tributes that are already there. We also recommend a visit to the War Museum just opposite the Airport as a great place to start looking for inspiration and to do some research.

Because this is a project to honour the service given and sacrifices made by the people of the Faroe Islands during the Second World War, we are specifically seeking a Faroese-born artist or sculptor. 

Submissions from individual artists or groups are acceptable.



Our finished memorial will have to be transported to the UK, so we are putting strict limits on size: it may be no taller than two meters in height and no wider or longer than a meter and a half - this must include a plinth or stand for it to be erected on. This is the maximum size possible - we will be very happy to consider designs that are much smaller.


We do not envisage putting any landscaping around the piece, so please do not include such features in your design. 

There must be a designated space of between 30 - 45 cm in length and 30 - 45 cm in height included in your design where we can place a metal plaque, the wording of which will be decided by the FIWMP Committee at a later date. This can be on the plinth or the artwork itself. 

The materials the artwork is made of must be durable as the intention is for these memorials to last 'in perpetuity'. Therefore we will be looking for pieces constructed from metal, stone or glass. It would be nice if any stone used could be sourced in the Faroe Islands.

The design can include symbolic features or be a more literal representation of the part played by the Faroese people in this conflict. You may want to consider the role of the Faroese trawler-men who continued to supply Britain with fish in this period, the British acknowledgement of the Faroese national flag, the hands of friendship that stretched across the islands between the two nations or the help and cooperation that the Faroese people so willingly gave when the British arrived with 'Operation Valentine'. 

This will be a commissioned artwork so your costs must be calculated to include your materials, time and expertise, just as any other commissioned work would be. 

We must have an idea of how long it would take you to complete the piece from the date the announcement is made. If it will take six months but you are not going to be able to begin work on it for two years because of other commitments, we need to know that when we are making our selection. A long delay may make it impossible for us to choose your design, so please consider that carefully before you submit your entry.

Aerial National Memorial Arboretum (1).jpg

Images: National Memorial Arboretum


You must complete the form - if you have previous experience we would like to see photographs - and send it with a detailed illustration of your design by email.


The Faroe Islands War Memorial Project committee members will draw up a short-list of possible candidates who will then be visited to discuss their designs in more detail. After this, those designs that are suitable will be put to a public vote so that the final say goes to the Faroese people.  We anticipate that the chosen design will be announced before Christmas this year and hope that work can begin early in the New Year.

Submission Form


Any further information, such as designs, sketches, artwork, and other files, please email to via Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. If you prefer to send the whole application to the email that is also fine. Just ensure you include all the same information as above. If you have any problems please email and we are extremely excited to see what you create.

Thanks for submitting!

Details about your submission

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